Political parties and electoral associations. December 1995




Overview: A remnant of the "presidential project" to create a two-party system in Russia. Coalition of five center-left organizations: the Accord Movement (Ivan Rybkin); the Union of Realists (led by Yury Petrov, formerly Chief of the President's Staff, a "pocket" conservative opponent of the former "pocket" democrat Burbulis); the Regions of Russia Association (led by former Arctic explorer Artur Chilingarov); the People's Movement Rossia (headed up by deputy Igor Shichanin, former deputy from the PRES Party); and the Russian Youth Union (headed by V.Lashchevsky the former Komsomol which has renounced its communist ideology but inherited the property of the Komsomol).
Political Orientation: According to the original project designed by V.Nikonov and S.Shakhrai, the Rybkin Bloc was to become a "civilized opposition" on the left which, coupled with the ruling NDR Party of Chernomyrdin (and with the participation of the group of "sensible patriots"), would control the future State Duma in the interests of the President who would stand "above the fray". The bloc is backed by powerful commercial and administrative interests (including RF President's Business Administration Directorate). Partly because of the leakage of information and partly because of Rybkin's inept tactics the bloc failed to unite the "moderate left center" opposition.
Top three Candidates: Ivan Rybkin, 48, former deputy from the Agrarian Party of Russia; Yu.Petrov, 56, director of the State Investment Cooperation, former chief of the RF President's Staff; A.Chilingarov, 56, deputy Chairman of the State Duma.
Leading Candidates: V.Nikonov; Chairman of the Independent Miners Union of Russia Aleksandr Sergeev; V.Lashchevsky; President of Imperial Bank Sergei Rodionov; I.Shichanin; Chairman of the Investors Association Yury Palchikov; vice-mayor of St. Petersburg Viacheslav Shcherbakov who was sacked by Mayor Sobchak (and "reinstated" by a court decision which was never complied with); Chairman of the Humanitarian Party Yury Bokan; President of Hermez Concern Valery Neverov, 44; P.Borodin, 48, Chief of the RF President Business Administration Directorate.
Ivan Rybkin bloc's predecessor in the previous State Duma was the group "Russia" (36 deputies).
Contact Address: Moscow 103265, Okhotniy Riad, 1, State Duma
RYBKIN Ivan Petrovich, 292-69-24

Overview: The bloc of the movement "Trade Unions of Russia to the Polls" (a political organization established by the traditional trade unions of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia - FNPR - led by Mikhail Shmakov) and the Russian United Industrial Party ROPP (a political organization created by the Russian Alliance of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs headed by Arkadiy Volsky). Evil tongues call it the "alliance of labor and capital". The association used to be considered one of the main claimants to the role of the "main left center party". However, its lists were less impressive than those of the Civic Union which won less than 2 percent of the votes in the 1993 elections.
Political Orientation: The most "legitimate" heir to the Civic Alliance for Stability, Justice and Progress which did very poorly in the 1993 elections. Initially Trade Unions and the ROPP were in the Ivan Rybkin Bloc, but they were scared away by Rybkin's obvious connection with the government and the President.
Top three Candidates: Chairman of the ROPP, former vice premier of the Union government, Vladimir Shcherbakov, 46; Chairman of the FNPR. Shmakov, 46; A. Volsky, 63, President of the Russian Alliance of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, initiator and founder of the Civic Alliance, the main organization behind "moderate" opposition to reform.
Leading candidates: First Deputy Chairman of the General Confederation of Trade Unions, Co-Chairman of the Social-Democratic Union, Igor Yurgens; Director-General of PA 'Toriy' Igor Artiukh; President of the Defense Enterprises League, Aleksei Shulunov; Chief Editor of the newspaper, 'Solidarnost', former leader of the Confederation of Anarcho-Syndicalists, Andrei Isaev; President of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg, Viktor Kharchenko; Vice President of the Joint Stock Company "Almazy Rossii - Sakha" Vladimir Piskunov; actor Vladimir Menshov; two deputies of the State Duma (Gennadiy Medentsyov and Vladimir Kvasov, 59, the powerful former head of the RF government's staff, and before that chief of Nikolai Ryzhkov's Secretariat); and two deputies of the Federation Council (Anatoly Dolgolaptev and Pyotr Premyak).
Contact Address: Moscow 109028, Solianka str., 3, str.3, Apt.326
SHCHERBAKOV Vladimir Ivanovich, 924-60-61
SHMAKOV Mikhail Viktorovich , 938-73-12

Overview: Center-left association closely linked with the Reform Foundation headed by Stanislav Shatalin. Was created by former First Secretary of the Komsomol Central Committee Viktor Mishin. The movement failed to recover fully after leaving Ivan Rybkin's bloc.
Political orientation: Initially in the Ivan Rybkin bloc where it occupied key positions, but withdrew for the same reasons as the Industrialists and the Trade Unions.
Top three Candidates: General Boris Gromov (was Ryzhkov's running mate in the 1991 presidential elections); Stanislav Shatalin; singer and businessman, Iosif Kobzon, 58, President of JSC "Moskovit".
Leading Candidates: V.Mishin; Vice President of the Reform Foundation Stanislav Assekritov; Director-General of the Foundation Martin Shakkum; Editor of 'Moya Gazeta', Andranik Migranian; and economist Nikolai Shmelyov.
Contact Address: Moscow 109240, Kotelnicheskaya nab., 17, Apt.426
GROMOV Boris Vsevolodovich, 244-33-82
Public Relations:
SYOMINA Liudmila Matveevna, 915-96-23, 298-29-03

Overview: The bloc of the movement of the same name headed by Eduard Rossel, the Free Democratic Party of Russia headed by Marina Salye and the Safety of Man Party headed by Nikolai Arzhannikov. A coalition of the regional elites of the center and left-of-center (Rossel) with the Democrats who did not find a niche for themselves in the democratic blocs (the parties of Salye and Arzhannikov).
Top three Candidates: Governor Elect of the Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel; deputy of the Sverdlovsk Regional Duma Viktor Yakimov; Marina Salye.
Leading Candidates: N. Arzhannikov; Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Yury Kravtsov.
Leader of the Elec. Bloc
ROSSEL Eduard Ergartovich, (3432) 51-64-63
KOCHETKOV Konstantin Arkadievich , 241-41-42

Overview: The bloc consists of the Social Democratic Alliance led by Vasily Lipitsky, the movement Young Social Democrats of Russia led by Oleg Sokolov and the Russian Democratic Reform Movement (RDDR) led by Gavriil Popov.
Top three Candidates: Gavriil Popov, 59, leader of the Russian Democratic Reform Movement, former mayor of Moscow, and a "steward" of perestroika; V.Lipitsky, 48, leader of the Russian Social Democratic Alliance, former Chairman of the "Rutskoi Party"; and State Duma Deputy Oleg Bogomolov, representing the Democratic Party of Russia. Informally, the bloc includes the left wing of the Social Democratic Party of Russia (Aleksandr Obolensky, Pavel Kudiukin). The right wing of the Social Democratic Party of Russia is on Yabloko lists, while officially the SDPR tried to form, together with the Russian Party of Free Labor, a bloc called "Faith, Labor, Conscience", the bloc failed to collect the required number of signatures.
Leading Candidates: O.Sokolov; SDPR members A.Obolensky, P.Kudiukin, Nikolai Pustovetov, Igor Averkiyev; deputy of the Federation Council and member of the RDDR, Yevdokiya Gayer.
Contact Address: Moscow 103009, Nikitsky pereulok, 4
Social Democratic Alliance Co-Chairman
LIPITSKY Vasily Semyonovich, 202-53-03
Young Social Democrats Chairman
SOKOLOV Oleg Vladimirovich, 237-50-72
Russian Democratic Reform Movement Chairman
POPOV Gavriil Kharitonovich, 203-97-47

Overview: The party of eye-specialist Sviatoslav Fyodorov's supporters and its allies.
Political orientation: The Party of Workers Self-Government (PST) can be described as a left-wing social democratic party. It has formed an informal bloc with the People's Conscience Party of the former Prosecutor-General of Russia Aleksei Kazannik.
Top three Candidates: Sviatoslav Fyodorov, 68, director-general of the Inter-Sectoral Research and Technical Complex "Micro-Surgery of the Eye"; A.Kazannik, 54, professor at Omsk State University, leader of the People's Conscience Party, former Prosecutor-General of the Russian Federation; and actor Aleksandr Porokhovshchikov.
Leading Candidates: Dissident Pyotr Egides; CPRF member (ideological leader of internationalist opposition within the Zyuganov Party) Boris Slavin; Chairman of the Independent Miners Union of Kuzbass, Saetgali Sharipov.
A group of Sviatoslav Fyodorov's supporters in the previous parliament formed itself in early 1995. It was called "Civic Initiative," but was short-lived.
Contact Address:Moscow 127474, Beskudnikovsky b-r, 59a
Party Higher Council Chairman.
FYODOROV Sviatoslav Nikolaevich, 488-89-86
Press Secretary
LEIBOVSKY Vadim Viktorovich , 485-33-40
Deputy Head Public Relations Dept.
VORONTSOV Vladimir Sergeevich, 488-84-21

Top three Candidates: A. Tikhonov, 46, Chairman of the Consolidation Party (which was considered to be pro-Khasbulatov in 1992); Director-General of the Aviation Scientific and Technical Bureau Aleksei Tupolev, 70; ice-hockey coach Viktor Tikhonov, 65, chief coach of the Central Army Club team.
Political orientation: Officially a bloc of Aleksandr Tikhonov's Consolidation Party and the League of Cooperatives and Entrepreneurs of Russia (founded by the 3rd Tikhonov - Vladimir - who died in 1995). In fact it is a lobby for the joint Soviet-Swiss venture Inter-Ural (whose Director-General is the leader of the Consolidation Party Aleksandr Tikhonov). At the 1993 elections the Consolidation Party formed a bloc with the clientele of the patriotic businessman Valery Neverov (Hermez Concern), but the bloc failed to collect signatures.
Contact Address: Moscow 129010, 1st Koptelsky pereulok, 9 , str. 3
Bloc Co-Chairmen
TIKHONOV Aleksandr Anatolievich, 921-42-48
TUPOLEV Aleksei Andreevich, 261-23-35, 263-70-67
TIKHONOV Viktor Vasilievich, 213-34-56, 213-71-63
Bloc Deputy Chairman
KORIAKIN Nikolai Georgievich, 280-87-46, 924-36-65

Overview: A nascent youth movement. A bloc of nomenklatura and related youth organizations: the Social Political Movement of Youth and the Union of Co-Owners of Youth Condominiums.
Top three Candidates: Functionary of the State Committee for Youth Affairs of St. Petersburg, Dmitry Solonikov; Chairman of the Butovo Condominium, Nikolai Pilepeshin; Chairman of the State Committee for Youth Affairs of Tatarstan, Marat Bariev.
A week before the elections, the representatives of the bloc issued contradictory statements on whether or not they would participate in the elections.
Contact Address: Moscow 119034,Prechistenka str., 40
Headquarters Chief
BABKIN Sergei Konstantinovich, 238-07-08
Deputy Chief of Staff
ZAKUTNIY Valery Petrovich, 246-84-00
Political Council Member
GELMAN Marat Aleksandrovich, 246-84-00

Overview: Party of cheated investors, the only such organization which has managed to gather enough signatures.
Leading Candidates: Vladimir Lukyanov, 29, D.Galagan, 31, and A.Galagan; and Gennadiy Mironov, Chairman of the Association of Private Investors (an association of cheated investors which broke away from the Association of Investors led by Yury Palchikov).
Contact Address:Moscow 103012, Tretiyakovsky pereulok, 1/19
Party Chairman
LUKYANOV Vladimir Nikolaevich, 207-79-60
Press Center Head
SHUISKAYA Liudmila Aleksandrovna, 928-36-17
PERUNOVA Olga Konstantinovna, 928-36-17
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